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These photos are from a walk in Dunsford Nature Reserve, owned by the National Trust, but run by Devon Wildlife Trust. We were on our way to their open day, at the other end of the reserve, where they served tea, coffees and cakes and had craft activities for the children.

Morning spent in Seaton, 22nd September 2012

Love this sign on an antiques/bric a brac shop. Life is a bit slower in East Devon!

One of the famous Seaton Trams

Walking from the Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth, to Weston Mouth
15th September 2012

A dragon?

Exeter Quay, Sunset September 6th 2012

And a photo from the loft bedroom the same evening

Photos taken on a cycle ride along Exeter Canal towards Topsham

Photos taken around the quay and flood relief channel, Exeter
15th July 2012

Photos taken of Gras Lawn, Exeter, 10th July 2012

More riverside photos - I never tire of taking them!

A few photos from Wonfest, the arts festival held at Wonford House Hospital, HQ of Devon Partnership Trust and psychiatric hospital.

Acoustic Rock Band Refuge kick off the festival in the Ballroom

This is followed by an exotic reptile encounter

This is my first time holding a snake. Surprisingly it felt soft, warm and dry!

Jacob, from Refuge, gets friendly with a boa

He's joined by fellow guitarist, Phil

By.polar.bares performance on the Haldon Eating Disorder Unit

Dave Johnstone, our wandering minstrel, in the hospital entrance.

A happy audience at our impromptu music session!

We were rejoined by by.polar.bares
Images from the Art workshop - we collected doodles over the weeks before Wonfest and on the day, to make a "fleet" to be exhibited along the corridors.

The final concert was by classical guitarist
Clive Betts
for inpatients at The Cedars, firstly in the garden...

...then the Occupational Therapy room.

The sun sets on Wonfest and Wonford House Hospital.

Photos from a walk along the river, 30th June 2012

Under Lovers Bridge, Dunster Castle

River Exe at Sunset

Thes photos are from Bicton Botanical Gardens on a beautiful Spring day.

These photos are of Daymer Bay in North Cornwall

Photos from the gardens of Lanhydrock (National Trust) on a glorious day in March.

A few pictures from the Eden Project in March (see below for photos taken in February).

Pictures from the Eden project in February, some taken by my daughters.

This platform is 50m up. I went up with my daughters, overcoming my fear of heights!

 Crossing canal on way to work on a cold and frosty morning!

This collection of photos was taken on a lovely January afternoon in Exeter, walking along the riverside.

This is the fabulous view I got when cycling to work recently!
These five photos are taken from a walk on Dartmoor, from Two Bridges to Wistmans Wood on a lovely Autumn day!

The first in a series of flower arrangements at St Leonard's Church, Exeter to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. Each arrangement is based on a Bible Story - can you tell which?

Rose Verney exhibition at The Briars
This "waterfall" and the other exhibits below are from an exhibition by Art Therapist Rose Verney
Broomhanger (1998)

The three nearest exhibits are called
Bonfire Dancers 1,2, & 3

Flakes of Matter (1998)

All The Assistance of Art (1999)
Detail below

From left to right:
Wheelybrick 2 (2000)
(items in middle unnamed)
Wheelybrick 1 (2000) 

Be My Baby (2001)

All Shook Up (1999)

Round the Square (1998)

Flakes of Matter 2 (1998)

Oscillating Like a Jelly (1999)
This one can be played, using the nail on the side of the box!

Right Here Under My Nose (1998)
Girlywig [Whisk] (1998)

Chilprufe (1996)

Reunification Rag (1997)

Bonfire Dancer 4 (2008)

What's the Point (1999)

Old Sacks etc (2004)

Left to right
Southseasdeckchairtotem (2000)
Mr & Mrs (2000)
Birthday Bud (2007)
Dancers no.6 (2001)

Birthday Bud (2007)

Southseasdeckchairtotem (2000)
Mr & Mrs (2000)

Photos taken in and around Dunster Castle. It was sunny and hot here, but cold and wet back at the campsite about ten miles away!

 I used to live on this road in Exeter!

Fistral Beach, Newquay

Views from National Trust's Coleton Fishacre Estate, near Paignton, South Devon

At the National Trust's Killerton Estate, near Exeter

Salmonpool Weir, Exeter

A xylophone and a metallophone posing for a photo I used in a conference paper!

An amazing stained glass window at a conference centre in Veldhoven, near Eindhoven. Unfortunately I gave my paper in a different room - keynotes only in this one!

Saltaire, Yorkshire

On and around Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire

Winter Wonderland at Work - My workplace, late December 2010

Views around Lake Annecy, France. The biggest mountain, in the distance, is Mont Blanc.

The beautiful town of Annecy

Another view of Lake Annecy

The beach at Budleigh Salterton, Devon, in the winter!

Views from the Haldon Hills, overlooking Exeter, also in the winter!

Bicton Botanical Gardens, near Budleigh Salterton, about a week after the beach photo!

In and around the Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
The town I was born and brought up in.

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