Thursday, 26 May 2011


Looked at my stats and found somebody in Estonia reading my blog! Thankyou whoever you are. I had a wonderful day inside the medieval walls of Tallin a few years ago, would love to see more of the country. Greetings also to readers in USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and Italy, as well as  dear old Blighty!

New stuff!

More photos added, this time of fantastic views at sunset around Lake Annecy, one of my favourite places in France.
Also created two new pages that will explore my Christian faith, and my taste in music.

winter wonderland

More photos, this time at my workplace in December, after an unusually large amount of snow for SW England!

Insider Art

Have added a link to this organisation. They provide training in Arts and Health and introductory courses in Art Psychotherapy, in Exeter. Run by my colleague and Art Psychotherapist, Malcolm Learmonth and his wife, also an Art Psychotherapist, Karen Huckvale. Both have masses of experience and are excellent teachers. Link is at side of page.


Have added a few more photos. Lovely ones of stained glass windows at Dutch conference centre that hosted the European Congress of Music Therapy a few years back. My paper from that conference is published in Approaches (link at side of page) Volume 1 (1).

Conference paper

Have added a paper I gave at Annual Conference of Association of Professional Music Therapists/British Society for Music Therapy, "Community, Relationship and Spirit: Continuing the dialogue and debate", February 2003. On Powerpoints and Conference Papers page, after Autism Powerpoint

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New Powerpoint!

Here's another one, giving a brief overview of Music Therapy

Approaches Journal

This is a journal about Music Therapy and Music in Special Education that I have contributed to (first issue) and am due to have another paper in soon. Link is at side of the page. Well worth looking at.

Slide Share
Right, I seem to have worked out the best way to use slide share. The link takes you to a presentation I gave about a boy I worked with who had suffered sexual abuse. The full text will be published online soon anyway. Details to follow.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New stuff!

Managed to get a powerpoint on the blog - look at the Conferences and Powerpoints page. Had to cut and paste, so doesn't look quite how it should! There was a case study too, but don't think it's ethical to publish it. Happy to present this, or a version of it anywhere I can get to!
Busy day at work nearly over. Group ended up being 4, one individual client didn't make it. Just some admin to do, then I go home and see what awaits me there!

Good Morning!

Morning all! Really busy day today, so quick blog. Running Music and Dramatherapy group with colleague and 6 adults with learning disabilities, then three individual clients this afternoon. Busiest day of the week, but should be good.

Monday, 23 May 2011


Hi, I've decided to start a blog. I'll try to update it regularly with items of interest.